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Meet The Loresmyth Team: Robin Galton

Meet the Loresmyth Team: Robin Galton

Greetings Loresmyths!

Thanks to a growing community, I have had the unique opportunity to join the Loresmyth team this month. I will be chatting with every team member, investigating every product release and finding out as much as possible about what goes on behind the scenes to share with you here. The easiest starting point is with me and my hobby life but make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay in the loop with new articles and Behind-the-Scenes information in the future!

Dungeons & Dragons: Where it all began

These days I find myself playing more video games than TTRPGs but I still keep up to date. My journey with Dungeons & Dragons started around 15 years ago with some friends in the school library (As well as after school, at weekends and any other time we could get together!). We started on version 3 of the game and I never looked back!

Most of my gaming choices these days involve RPG elements, whether it’s games like ESO or running my latest Pathfinder campaign with friends. Times have changed with virtual table-tops helping to keep us all connected through 2020 but the passion and spark is still there to keep GMing and keep creating adventures with friends!

I’ve played a lot of different games in time and even run campaigns or sessions for most of them too! The list includes; Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Buffy: The RPG, Lord of the Rings, Start Trek Adventures, Rogue Trader and Orcs!

Creativity and Expanding the Hobby

Of course the hobby doesn’t begin and end solely with Table-top RPGs, despite them being a doorway for me in my teen years! Beyond TTRPGs and video games is a world of geekery that I have embraced my whole life. When I was a little more nimble, I joined and even created LARPing events with friends alongside creating simple board-games to play at lunchtimes.

As I get older, my access to geeky resources has grown and now I’m just as likely to be converting/painting miniatures as I am to be writing short stories, crafting board-games or even publishing content for YouTube or podcasts under my online pseudonym “99Blocks”.

Pack Leader & New Father

In my personal life, I keep pet rats and have just stepped into the exciting world of fatherhood!

After looking for a fluffy animal or two to keep me company and provide some companionship around 6 years ago, I bought the first of many pet rats and haven’t looked back. People don’t believe it but they really are like tiny dogs. Loyal, trainable and they’ll always come running when you rustle the food bags…

You can always find me in the Loresmyth Discord and I’m happy to chat and make new friends with likeminded geeks, GMs, creators and players.

Starting work with Loresmyth has come at a perfect time for me to manage my time and energy alongside taking a journey with my new daughter. As the years go on, I hope to share my love of “the geek” with her and I’m excited to read Adventure books as bedtime stories, play our first Dungeons & Dragons session together and collect some miniatures. Then again, she could grow up to be completely uninterested. After all, liking what dad likes just isn’t cool, is it?

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me, stay tuned for more from other team members!

Robin Galton | Social Media & Support Manager @ Loresmyth

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