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LoreSmyth’s 2017 A Year In Review

Wow! It’s insane and kinda terrifying how quickly a year goes by. But, we’ve released some amazing products, had a blowout Kickstarter success and new products on the horizon. Here is our “2017 A Year In Review” post. Break out the champagne and enjoy! 

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks - LoreSmyth 2018

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks – LoreSmyth 2018

Remarkable Inns & Unexpected Setbacks

Our year started with the inception of our latest book Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks. In our previous blog post, we share a little insight on the inspiration for this book and its massive Kickstarter success, reaching over $20K. Needless to say, we were ecstatic! Unfortunately, about halfway through the Kickstarter, my personal life took a turn for the worse, I was hospitalized after several serious bleedings. Looking back, the aftermath of what was a routine surgery to the nose, turned out to be nearly fatal. Having lost 4 liters of blood (yes, through my nose) I was rushed back to emergency several times until they finally managed to control it. I spent months recovering and it was very impactful on my wife and kids. This caused massive delays in finishing the books, something our backers have been very patient and supportive with. The many heartwarming responses really helped carry me through. Now that the book is close to release, it’s certainly a tale of incredible highs and lows…




Modular Map Sets

2017 was also the year where we started developing a new product: Modular Dungeon Map packs, designed for virtual tabletop software such as Roll20. We started out by creating two sets, which immediately went on to become best sellers. This motivated us to create more, and our product range now counts eight gorgeous sets, all seamlessly compatible with each other. The success of this digital product shows how much our roleplaying hobby has evolved from pen and paper. Many gaming groups gather around a virtual tabletop weekly to have amazing adventures, and we are proud this happens on top of our modular battle maps!

The sequel to our best selling adventure?

Our very, very first product ever was the 1st level adventure module The Claws of Madness. We get many emails from GM’s that tell us this adventure formed the base for an entirely new campaign they have been running. There is no greater praise for us really! We had no idea our very first (and lowly 1st level) adventure would rapidly become a DriveThruRPG electrum best seller. GM’s praise the great storyline, unexpected locations and characters and a truly intriguing villain and artifact that provides material for dozens of gaming sessions to come. What can we say? Just give this one a spin and find out for yourself!

So what about the promised sequel?

Ah yes, we have been promising a follow up to “Claws” for over a year. YES ITS COMING 🙂  The truth of it is that developing books of this quality is very time-consuming. It doesn’t help that many gamers cry murder about small publishers ‘daring’ to charge $5 for a book that took over a year to develop and $5.000 investment in writing, editing, artwork, and other costs. Even when a book becomes a best seller on DriveThruRPG, its still incredibly difficult to recoup costs, let alone make a profit that’s anywhere near covering living expenses. That means we all have a “real” job and do this in the evenings, while wife and kids would happily trade for that time spent. It pains us to see great studios like Goblin Stone struggle, while they are putting out books that rival anything Kobold Press and Wizards are putting out. OK, Ranting aside – The sequel is now in full development and we are very excited about it. The adventure will be called “The Flight of Vorden” and we think it’s going to be BAD ASS!


Social Media Explosion

To top it off, we’ve seen a massive growth in our social media. Namely, our Facebook Page grew to 700+ likes quickly and our Twitter recently passed 2.000 followers. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see all the interactions. We hope to be around for a little while longer, together with you!

What was your highlight of 2017? Shoutout in the comments below!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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