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LoreSmyth Reveals Dungeon Discoveries Decks and Kickstarter Plans

Dungeon Discoveries card decks help roleplaying game masters conjure up endless world-building details with the flip of a card.’

LoreSmyth Publishing, creators of the bestselling Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks source-book and other colorful tabletop role-playing game products, announces Dungeon Discoveries: Fun, fast system-neutral card decks, aimed to inspire and enable dungeon masters.

Dungeon Discoveries – Dungeon Master Card Decks

Dungeon Discoveries card decks help you conjure up endless world-building details with the flip of a card.www.loresmyth.com/dungeondecks

Geplaatst door LoreSmyth op Woensdag 12 september 2018

Each themed, 50-card set generates thousands of system neutral results, at the flip of a card. Draw cards and match up any of 4 descriptors and 4 objects to come up with a interesting idea on the spot. That’s over 50,000 possible combinations per deck. The results can be minute, surprising, cryptic, seemingly meaningful or even humorous. You will never be short of remarkable things to discover!

Are your players veering off the beaten path, searching in places you didn’t plan? In need of a mysterious new quest hook? Dungeon Discoveries decks provide an endless stream of ideas: When you are planning your next game, or on the spot during game night. Never again will you have to say “You find nothing”…

“The decks are designed to provide GMs a super easy and fun way to come up with flavourful world-building details,” said LoreSmyth founder Chris van der Linden. “Whether it’s during game prep, or during game session, simply by drawing a card or two, you quickly have something interesting to say.”

Kickstarter Campaign

LoreSmyth is launching the Dungeon Discoveries product range with two decks: Curious Treasures and Fumbled Searches. Each has a suggested retail price of $14.99. A third deck, to be announced, may be unlocked as part of a Kickstarter campaign beginning September 21, 2018.  Full details about the product and the crowdfunding project are available at www.loresmyth.com/dungeondecks.


About LoreSmyth: LoreSmyth is a small indie team creating roleplaying adventures, sourcebooks and modular map tilesets for tabletop role-playing game systems including Dungeons & Dragons 5e and Pathfinder. We are proud to say many of our products have become bestsellers, including The Claws of Madness and Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks.

Contact: press@loresmyth.com | www.loresmyth.com | Twitter: @LoreSmyth

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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