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LoreSmyth hiring writers

LoreSmyth is looking for writers (pro or hobbyist) to collaborate on future products. You will be working on exciting fantasy roleplaying products ranging from Adventures to GM helpers and campaign supplements. LoreSmyth products currently focus on 5e edition (under the OGL/SRD license) selling through DriveThruRPG and our own sales channels. We prefer investing in long-term relationships with great writers to collaborate on many products to come.

Writers will be paid a flat fee for their work, varying per project. In most cases you will work within a pre-defined product outline, others allow the writer to choose topics of their own fashion. Regardless of the project specifics, LoreSmyth will oversee production, release and promotion and takes the leading role in development, creative direction, testing, editing and quality control. Its our vision to release, exciting and unique products that meet our highest standards.

We like to hear from enthusiastic, talented writers who have a professional attitude and are committed to collaborate smoothly. If you are interested please send us a direct message on Facebook and include samples of your work and availability.

Required skills / experience with:

  • Creative, focused, vibrant writing
  • Experience with the OGL & SRD
  • Professional communication and work ethic
  • 18 years or older and willing to sign non-disclosure agreements


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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