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Loresmyth Announces ‘Loresmyth Labs’

Loresmyth announces ‘Loresmyth Labs’

Loresmyth Publishing, the bespoke tabletop roleplaying game publisher from the Netherlands is excited to announce Loresmyth Labs, a new subsidiary brand that focuses on the ‘hobby’ part of roleplaying gaming such as 3D printing, terrain building, and miniature painting. A first Kickstarter is planned for later this year.

Miniatures, tabletop scenery, and painting is an increasingly popular aspect of tabletop roleplaying, helping us bring our imaginary worlds to life. Gone are the days of just pen and paper roleplaying (well for most of us) and it is fantastic to see different hobbies such as wargaming and dungeons & dragons blend into each other in exciting ways. With Loresmyth Labs we want to establish a creative outlet for our company to do unique projects that are related to the hobby, as well as give our audience cool ways to participate. Our initial plans are focused on small-scale projects and micro-releases, but seeing how quickly Loresmyth grew, there’s no knowing where the journey lands us. 

Chris van der Linden and Nick de Waal posing in front of a custom game board.

“In just a few short years, Loresmyth has grown into one of the leading third-party creators in the tabletop roleplaying gaming space, known primarily for our beautiful roleplaying books. Our inspirational sourcebooks for game masters such as Remarkable Inns, Remarkable Shops, and Wondrous Expeditions have been a big success on Kickstarter, collectively raising over half a million dollars in crowdfunding.” explains Chris van der Linden, founder of Loresmyth. 

Asked about the reason for creating the Loresmyth Labs sub-brand, Chris says: We are always brimming with ideas, and are avid hobby gamers ourselves, but it’s increasingly hard to allocate our big Kickstarter slots to anything other than products that see the most market demand. In our case, these are roleplaying books. So we started to think about a way to crowdfund other projects, free from the limitations of our big mainstay Kickstarter events.”.

The Loresmyth Labs projects will have a strong focus involving the community, including working with other creators in the scene such as Key Capas. We want to have fun as creators, enjoy the hobby, and bring our fans something exciting to print, paint and have awesome adventures with during D&D night. 

“There is a whole world of untapped potential in bringing places, stories, and characters from our books to life in a 3D tabletop realm. We love painting models and building cool terrain, and pairing this with the Loresmyth universe is an exciting potent mix.” adds Chris. Several first projects are in the planning stages right now, and a first Loresmyth Labs Kickstarter is scheduled for July 2022. More info will be announced in the coming months. Subscribe here to receive Loresmyth Labs news

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About Loresmyth:

Founded in 2016 by Chris Van Der Linden from the Netherlands, the Loresmyth is a small team that takes pride in attention to detail, innovative products, and customer satisfaction. Despite our humble origins, Loresmyth has fast become synonymous with quality and published several best-selling products, including Remarkable Inns, The Claws of Madness and Dungeon Discoveries card decks. 




Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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