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Last Year’s Burnout & The Future Of Loresmyth

Last Year’s Burnout & The Future of Loresmyth

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I last posted a big update so I wanted to share with you all the things that have been going on. This is a more personal post, that I felt was needed. There’s plenty to tell about Loresmyth, the future and more so grab a coffee and read on! 

As some of you may know from talking to me on our Discord server, last year I struggled with the effects of burnout. I generally felt very “worn out” and tired from work, raising two young daughters and everything else going on in my life. It was a very difficult year for myself and my wife and kids, where many days I could not even get out of bed. Even just sounds around me was often fatiguing to handle, forcing me to wear earplugs during dinner, parties and what not. I ended up feeling increasingly lonely and stopped doing social activities altogether. It was clear that a change was needed and in the process, I decided to quit my “dayjob” at a great PC gaming company I co-founded and managed. Having worked with the other founders for over 10 years in various successful startups, it was not an easy choice to step down.

In the time leading up to that moment and afterwards, I focused on getting mentally in a better place before making important choices. When the time was right, I couldn’t help but feel Loresmyth had already grown into a lovely thing, and I enjoyed the creativity it brings me. Up to this point I had just kinda seen it as a hobby for the evenings and weekends, but it felt like a fun prospect to try my luck at doing Loresmtyh fulltime.

Construction time!

Loresmyth today

So here we are today! What has changed? Well firstly, I now work entirely from home, instead of commuting to an office of 30 people daily. I am remodeling the garage into an office so I have my own space to work on Loresmyth. Being an entrepreneurial dad, I try to seamlessly move from doing household chores, taking the kids to school, back to creating epic fantasy products. It’s fun, provides a lot of freedom and suits me well. The above explains why I had a bit of a “slow” period where I did a poor job of keeping you all up to date, tweeting and posting on Facebook. Shucks, but I have a feeling I am now getting back on track.

Nord Games

Once I decided to focus on Loresmyth fulltime, I also got back in touch with Christopher at Nord Games. Having worked with them before last year (I designed a few product logos for them) we started talking about the RPG business, Loresmyth and their own company. Christopher has been a great guy and motivated me to keep going, and has been generally very, very helpful in all sorts of ways. Since a few months, I lend my graphic design and production experience to Nord, being hired to help bring Nord Games’ products to life in the highest possible standards. So far I co-created the logo and look & feel of their Ultimate Bestiary book, Objects of Intrigue card decks and more. It’s great to work with them and I feel we have a lot to learn from each other. In the time that I am not working on Nord Games products, I continue to grow Loresmyth. My past Kickstarters such as the Krakens & Cannons and Sci-Fi dungeon discoveries decks have been great, and currently, I am planning to launch the Remarkable Shops Kickstarter. The book is pretty far along in development as we speak. 

The future?

I try not to look too far ahead in the future and take things small steps at a time now. As long as my energy levels keep up, I can do great creative stuff. One thing that I have started to do, is looking more strategically at how to grow Loresmyth, Exchanging a fulltime salary for a fickle RPG venture is scary and has forced me to look more strictly at what not to work on anymore because it has not been commercially viable. For example, I just started out one day writing the Claws of Madness adventure, not thinking too much about it. Now several years on, it turns out adventure modules are just not selling that well, and new products such as Dungeon Discoveries turn out to be strong. I am now very much thinking about how I see the future of Loresmyth, what kind of products I like making and how to stand out and grow. It’s a fun process that will take some time to find my new footing. And somehow I also have a feeling that my close relationship with Nord Games holds more potential for the future.

I want to end this post with a big THANK YOU to all of you for sticking with me, during the hard times and periods where I kinda blanked out on replying emails and messages. I felt increasingly bad about the radio-silence so here’s to launching a new chapter in my life and Loresmyth!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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  1. Chris:

    First of all thank you for such a personal and courageous share. Second, congratulations on recovering, rebuilding, and (carefully) rethinking your way forward. I have been in similar burnout circumstances and know it’s beyond frustrating when you want to things… and you just can’t. What ever happened to mind over matter… under those circumstances? Argh. So well done.

    Now a request. I have been following you since I chose “Claws of Madness” for my group. At that time (or shortly thereafter) you mentioned two adventures/sequels in the “Claws of Madness”/“Whispers from the Void” which were all but done: “The Obsidian King”, and “The Flight of Vorden”. I know you’re past developing them into production quality (art, layout, all that), but would you be willing to share the barebones text? I know the economics simply don’t support full development, and you were very generous to life the veil with definitive details (ouch, but thank you!). However, I ask for the scraps…drafts because I would love to see what you had in mind for the Claws of Madness series. Both “Claws of Madness” and “Whispers from the Void” opened some beautiful cans of worms, but neither really laid out just where the cans of worms ended up or… even comingled. If you have even a synopsis draft to share, I’d love to see where you were going with all that.

    And right now I may have a chaos rift in my world that I don’t know how to close!-) I’d like to give my players (and world) a chance of survival from the horrors!

    Anyhow, if you were willing to share, I’d love to see the other adventure notes. And while the economics may not support it, the other adventures (I believe) would have rounded out your award winning “Claws of Madness” with a (I assume) more complete series story arc.

    Nevertheless, if you can’t or need to keep them in reserve, I understand. I am very happy your creative juices are flowing, you are building momentum, and the Loresmyth flag is waving stronger and stronger.

    Thx, congratulations, and good luck!

    = Joe =

  2. Hey man, you have to take care of yourself FIRST. As a dad of four that are seven and under, one facing ANOTHER massive surgery, working full time, and now streaming, I get it. Burn out is real. You did the right thing, and are doing the right things. The community will be here, standing in support. Thank you for your transparency, that is often the hardest and first sign of the clouds breaking and sun beginning to shine. Hang in there, and reach out. Always willing to listen.

    -A fellow dad in the trenches.

  3. Chris,
    as a husband to a wife that totally burned out a few years ago (she jumped out of a moving car in to the oncoming traffic during an anxiety attack), I truly feel you made the right decision! When you do the things you love everything falls in to place
    Keep on doing great things!😊

  4. I hear you on the burnout. I’ve just gone through a period myself and need to get back on track. Best wishes and I will definitely be getting in on the shops Kickstarter.

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