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Krakens & Cannons – Last 48 Hours Of Kickstarter

Krakens & Cannons – Last 48 Hours of Kickstarter

Right on the back of the Ghosts of Saltmarch reveal, our Krakens & Cannons Kickstarter has entered its final 48 hours! We have successfully funded and unlocked many exciting stretch goals. Where will it land? Don’t miss this great ship and sea battle map set. 

In case you missed the buzz, Krakens & Cannons is the most comprehensive ship map pack ever created. From the cargo hold, quarters and deck levels, all the way up to the tip of the mast; Everything is included in incredible, glorious detail. The stretch goals have since added Black Sails, Sea Monsters and Battle Scenes. A swashbuckling DM’s dream come true. Perfect for any fantasy roleplaying game!

Some in-progress images:

Last 48 Hours!

Don’t miss our last 48 hours!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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