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Krakens & Cannons Kickstarter Launched

Krakens & Cannons Kickstarter Launched

Ahoy swashbuckling dungeon masters! Do you love the salty smell of adventures on the high seas? My new Kickstarter Krakens & Cannons aims to create the most comprehensive ship battle map pack ever created … Oh.. and it has just launched!

We closed out last year with the wildly successful Dungeon Discoveries card decks. With this project I return to my roots: Creating high-quality map artwork in Photoshop. I am really looking forward to spending the next couple of months in my favorite graphics editor to create some badass ship and sea-themed maps.

 With 15 years Photoshop experience, and a background in historic wooden ship model building, I am going to create this massive endeavour from scratch, and time-lapse record everything from the start to finish. In addition to every ‘layer’ of the ship being a separate map, I will also create and include all individual art assets. From cannons, hatches, stairs, barrels, rowing boats, rigging, sails, masts…  nothing will be left out.

Not Just a Ship Map

The center piece of this naval map set will be a true to scale, historically accurate rendering of a 3-deck galleon. Everything from the mast, sails and rigging to the individual decks will be made into a separate map, up to the very last detail. You will able to see the nails in the deck planks. For reference, I will be using the famous Batavia and Soleil Royale, famous battleships with a rich history.

There are roleplaying maps out there of ships, but most are very simple or just the top deck. With these maps you will be able to go into the cannon deck, the cargo hold, up into the masts!


Check out The Krakens & Cannons Kickstarter Now

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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