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It’s back! The Mystium map pack

On popular request, the Mystium modular map pack is back! Buy this 70-piece tileset now for just $4.99 from our store. Mystium flows seamlessly with our other modular dungeon map packs, such as the Genesis set. Looking to expand your map tile collection? This might be it!

Update and name change

Starting life as the Mystica pack, we took this set offline for a while to fix some things such as image fidelity, minor alignment tweaks and update it to our highest standards. For example, the file names now include the tile sizes (X x Y) to make it easier to use. In the process, we also decided to update its name to Mystium, ready for a whole new lifetime. What’s in a name? The important thing is that this is a great set to start building your own dungeons with, and its back now!

Expand your collection

If you already own the Genesis tileset, you will find that the Mystium pack has all the same “pieces” but the look has evolved, allowing you to add variety to your dungeon maps. Mystium brings a new mysterious look and increased detail. Step into dank dungeons with old crumbled floors, faded checkered tiles, and moss encrusted flagstones… It is not a bold difference such as our Wild Growth pack, but noticeable enough to create a nice flow and variation in your battle maps. You can even combine all these packs and make something truly out of this world!

(download this free map in HD)

There we go! Let us know what you think about our modular maps. Any tips for improvements? Ideas for future map set themes?
Shout out in the comments or head over to our Facebook page to get in touch!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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