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Introducing the ‘Savage Dawn’ Campaign Setting

Savage Dawn - Primal Fantasy Roleplaying Campaign Setting by Loresmyth PublishingHave you ever wondered what it would be like playing a campaign setting, where the results of your game night sessions shape the future of the world? That new place you visited suddenly gets dotted on the map for everyone to travel to and discover? With our exciting new campaign setting SAVAGE DAWN on Patreon, this is exactly what you get!


One could argue there are already so many roleplaying campaign settings, do we really need another one? We can safely say SAVAGE DAWN is quite a bit different from the fantasy worlds that are already out there such as Faerun, Eberron, and classics like Greyhawk. Instead of following the tried and true European medieval approach, our world takes place in a primal, ever-frozen world that revolves around primitive heroism, mysticism, spirituality, and magic.
SAVAGE DAWN is set in the largely uncharted glacial wasteland that inhabitants call The Maw. In this frigid place, a single civilized stronghold remains defiant, isolated amidst the endless icy expanse. Within the walls of this outpost, a patchwork of races vie with one another for the power and knowledge necessary for survival. Small tribes of hunters, outcasts that sought to break free of the oppressive atmosphere of the Stronghold, roam the Maw. Trade between these two forces allows each to sustain the other, but relations are tense and ridden with strife and mistrust.

  • Our Campaign Setting contents will be largely location and “flavor” based, allowing it to work with just about any fantasy RPG system
  • This way players of Pathfinder, DnD, 5e and more can participate!

Living world via Patreon


Savage Dawn - Primal Fantasy Campaign Setting by Loresmyth Publishing

The SAVAGE DAWN campaign setting is developed via Patreon, through incremental monthly releases. This highly interactive approach allows our community to collaborate and be truly a part of this living world. Thanks to our Patrons we can hire writers, artists and other talent to keep growing this fantasy campaign setting. Every month, GM’s and players get the opportunity to report what they’ve done, learned and charted. This content is curated by our editorial team and processed into future updates. The world map that starts out largely empty slowly will be populated as explorers report their findings. The world’s history timeline filled with the annals of events experienced by YOU.


Start playing in this new world!

Very soon now we will release a core “Starter” PDF with all the contents needed to start playing in this exciting new world. If you are a Patreon you will be always kept up to date and get everything ahead of the rest. Love the looks of SAVAGE DAWN? Tell your friends and share this post!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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