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Introducing: Tales from the Brymlight Observer

Life is all about taking chances right? I am excited to tell you that LoreSmyth publishing is venturing into new, uncharted territory! What it is?  Keep reading!

Earlier this year I was contacted by USA-based writer D.W. Beyer (Don for friends) and he told me had been quietly writing away on some very interesting steampunk short stories and a full blown novel. Don, modest as he is, told me he never thought much of it, but we agreed I would check it out. Myself, and some proof readers were pleasantly surprised by Don’s stories, and how different they were from the somewhat cliche steampunk fare. We dubbed it “grimpunk” because of its visceral and dark themes, and we forged our plans to release Don’s work!

Visceral alt-history grimpunk

The past months we worked together on establishing the course of this new product range: Tales from The Brymlight Observer are dark, alt-history adventures, chronicled by the fictional underground tabloid. Blending steampunk, gritty realism, and mystical undertones, Brymlight takes a new darker spin on the popular Goggle-eyed genre, exploring the oily churning cogs of the human psyche.

Brymlight hits hard with its visceral, realistic story telling

Five short stories are currently in development, featuring several returning characters, such as Marshal Gideon Cooper, Rachel West, and the ominous Jeremiah Wilkins. These short stories lead up to a yet untitled full-length novel later this year. In contrast to the dreamy-eyed, romantic Steampunk genre, Brymlight hits hard with its visceral, realistic story telling. Amidst the rising, ink-black tide of social injustice and class warfare, both Grounders and Skyborn struggle to find the light in a world brimming with untamed emotions such as jealousy, hatred, and anger.

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A whole new avenue

As you might sense, I am very, very excited about Brymlight –  this is quite a huge step for me as LoreSmyth, because this will be the first time we will release products that go beyond dungeons and dragons and roleplaying assets. What are your thoughts on Brymlight?
Do you read fantasy fiction, sci-fi, steampunk? Let me know!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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