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In the Sandbox with Pathfinder 2

We know a lot of you are excited for Pathfinder 2.0, and quite a few may already be playtesting. Here’s a friendly reminder that your pals at LoreSmyth have lots of tools to help you on your new journeys – especially with the Egyptian adventure path!

Desert Temple of Khemun

Cover-DesertTempleOfKhemun-PrintableBattleMapForDnd-ByLoresmythDid you know we have a FREE map available right now on LoreSmyth.com? The Desert Temple of Khemun is an Egyptian themed, highly detailed printable battlemap measuring 24 x 36 squares. It’s a PDF file, ready-to-print, and compatible with Roll20.

Click here to get your FREE copy!


Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis - Printable Battlemap Dnd Maps for VTTWe have another desert-themed map available for just $2.50 – another 24 x 36 printable map with ziggurats, hidey-holes and more immersive artwork.

Click here to learn more about Desert Oasis!




Create your own Stunning dnd maps with MapSmyth modular dungeon tiles. Subscribe to our site to get 25 free maps for d&d and pathfinder.For an even more customizable experience, we suggest our modular tile set, Nekhathon. Drag and drop into your favorite table top software of choice such as Roll20 and build something gorgeous in minutes. Or, use any of the included sample maps to get your adventure started straightaway!

Click here to experience Nekhathon.


And don’t forget – our upcoming Dungeon Discoveries card decks give you tens of thousands of ideas for items for your players to uncover during their game.

LoreSmyth is proud to help you create an immersive and epic adventure during your Pathfinder 2.0 playtests!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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