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I Got Married!

I got married!

Hello everyone,

If I have not been replying your messages and emails, I will admit the past months have been cra-zy (in a good way). After the massive success of the Remarkable Shops Kickstarter hitting over $100.000 I had to immediately shift my attention to another big milestone in my life: getting married. After a relentless push to finish our renovations to the house and garden, we had only a few months left to get everything ready for our wedding itself.

Photography: Elke Verbruggen

So, last weekend I got married to my wife Jetske. We’ve been together for over 10 years and have two daughters together. Like most couples, we have been through some serious ups and downs, including the loss of our first child and more recently my burnout. With some help of Robbie Williams (see Google) our proposal went viral, and last weekend we got married in our garden with friends and family.

The recurring theme for the wedding was fire. To us, fire signifies both creation, warmth and energy as well as destruction, transformation, and being a catalyst. Or, in more fantastical words: rise again like a phoenix. With all the changes Ive been through the past years (starting this new chapter with Loresmyth by working from home and rediscovering my passion) theĀ transformationĀ part was striking.

Photography: Elke Verbruggen

It was an amazing day to celebrate life, the past, the future and how one can overcome challenges if you choose to do so. I feel this was the perfect way to mark the start of a new chapter, a “new me” if you will. What that exactly means I am not sure. But I am very much looking forward to continuing down this new road. It’s an adventure and we all know how much we love adventures!

Photography: Elke Verbruggen


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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