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Loresmyth creates unique and wondrous tabletop roleplaying products that inspire great stories. Find endless inspiration in our world-building guides, modular map sets, story prompt decks, and adventure modules.

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Dungeon Discoveries card decks

Are your players veering off the beaten path? Dungeon Discoveries decks provide an endless stream of ideas for when you are planning your next game, or on the spot during game night. Never again will you have to say… “You find nothing”…

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19Oct 21

What Classic D&D Books Should I Get?

We recently moved into a new office space with Loresmyth. Being in the business of creating and publishing our own roleplaying books I love the idea of building a small…

30Aug 21

New Office – New Chapter For Loresmyth

Hello, dear loresmyths! It's been a while since I wrote a blog post myself, but every now and then there's a great occasion for it, such as right now. After…

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