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Holiday Deals at LoreSmyth

Hello everyone!

With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to update you on several fantastic deals we have lined up for you! If you are a fan of our products, or always wanted to try, this is the moment to seize your chance! Still got that coupon saved up? Go ahead and add it to save even more! 

Modular Dungeon Tiles – MEGA BUNDLE #1

Want to kickstart your collection of modular dungeon map tiles? Looking for the highest quality, best-looking tilesets? Our Mega Bundle #1 will net you six of our best selling packs, at a sweet discount. This bundle is no joke; Build stunning dungeons with over 400 digital tiles. All our sets are cross-compatible, so this means you have virtually endless options to combine, mix, and create dungeons that you love. Impress your players next session with amazing dungeon maps of a whole new level…





Pre-Order ‘Wilderland Caves’ & ‘Arcania’

You can now pre-order two new modular dungeon map sets at a discount. Pre-order Wilderland Caves and Arcania now for $4.99 instead of the regular $5.99 sale price. These packs will become available in January and February respectively.





Save Big on The Claws of Madness

Looking for a top quality adventure to start your players on a new quest? Get our best-selling adventure (Electrum status on DriveThruRPG) The Claws of Madness now for only 2.99 – This module has received much praise from players, GMs, and reviewers. Some called it the best-looking product they backed on Kickstarter in a long time. This adventure is designed for first level players but provides plenty of options to increase the challenge rating, plus it offers all ingredients for a long-running plotline with an epic memorable (and elusive) otherworldly villain.




Give to Charity

We’ve added a special love box product to our store during the holidays. Add this product to your cart to make a donation to charity. This years charity is the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting). Having lost my first son to a rare heart disorder, it felt fitting to give back to a good cause. There is no limit to this product, add more to your cart to donate more. 100% of sales for this item will be given to charity.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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