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Fresh Ways to Make Food Matter in your Campaign

What’s cooking?

Hidden within the wealth of helpful information and ideas in Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is a section on “Outlandish Dishes & Drinks.” There, you learn about such delicacies as the Mandoral Peacock egg, the exotic venom-laced Gnaga wine, and the soothing elixir of Copper’d Mint tea.

These are just a few of the myriad of items on the menus of each tavern and inn chronicled within the book’s pages. Want something interesting for your campaign? Try these interesting ideas to make food matter in your next game session…

Fresh ways to make food matter in your campaign

Have an accomplished chef in your adventuring party? If not, perhaps you can take the information in the best-selling Remarkable Inns book to create one – is he a whiz with soft chocolates that can placate even the most hardened demon? Can she sling suds with the best barmaids in town? Throw miscreants out on their bums like a tank? Are they mischievous or cunning? If slighted by an adversary, would they create a “peace offering” of a thick Tunoshi Steak laced with potion or poison?

As an NPC, an innkeeper, chef or barkeep could prove an invaluable source of information about the strange new world your party has visited – they of course know all the gossip in town, and for the right price, they could let you in on some choice information? Perhaps if he takes a liking to your party, he can warn you that you’re just in time for the regularly scheduled bar brawl… or he’ll keep you chatting until it’s too late to avoid it!

Parting words – Share your tales of cooks, innkeepers and booze dealers in our comments section. The first round’s on us.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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