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Free dungeon map – The Lost Tombs of Nekhathon

In just two weeks from now, our new modular dungeon map set Nekhathon will be released (pre-order now for only $3.99). Always wanted to take your adventures deep below the desert sands? Now’s your chance! Nekhathon brings you over 100 modular tiles and decorations, everything you need to create mysterious Egyptian-themed tombs and dungeons. To give you a taste of what this pack has to offer, here’s a free dungeon map created with Nekhathon, ready for your next game session!


Nekhathon free egyptian dungeon battle map

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The Desert Calls – HD modular dungeon map tiles

If you missed the buzz about our latest upcoming map set, check out our previous blog post, including a fantastic video preview of the Nekhathon dungeon set. Our modular battle maps have been very popular since their first launch, and we have been expanding our range to meet demand. Together with the team at Roll20 we’ve further improved our sets and they are ideal for Virtual Tabletops such as Roll20 and Power VTT. But you can also use Fractal Mapper for example. Whatever works best for you!!

Are you a fan of our modular maps? Never tried them? Let us know in the comments below!



Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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