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First NPC Characters Preview Remarkable Shops

First NPC characters preview Remarkable Shops

The Remarkable Shops kickstarter funded in a day and in one fell swoop reached its first stretch goal soon after. It has been an amazing ride, and clearly, you are very much awaiting this new fantasy roleplaying book! I like to show you the first character drawings done for the book, to give you a glimpse of the production and what the book has … in store… 

In line (ha!) with the pencil art style established with Remarkable Inns, the first illustrations are being made for Remarkable Shops now. I am happy to share some of them with you, to get the excitement flowing and to show the book is full-on in development.

From let to right: 

The first character is a carpenter ready to build a new store building. In this book, you will find a section dedicated to high-level players that are keen on pouring their adventuring gold into a lasting investment.  The second character is an architect checking his plans, overseeing the construction of a new architectural masterpiece in town. The last character is a mysterious, Dragonborn trader from the grand desert city of Jauzun, rumored to source forbidden goods from a remote black market.

I hope you enjoy this first look! More development updates will come as the book progresses.



Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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