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Final Week of Dungeon Discoveries Kickstarter!

With one week to go before our Kickstarter ends, we want to reveal the theme of our third Dungeon Discoveries card deck!First, for those who may just be joining us on this journey, let’s explain what Dungeon Discoveries is and how we think it will be a … game-changer. (Sorry!)

Dungeon Discoveries – Dungeon Master Card Decks

Dungeon Discoveries card decks help you conjure up endless world-building details with the flip of a card.www.loresmyth.com/dungeondecks

Geplaatst door LoreSmyth op Woensdag 12 september 2018

If you’re a TTRPG game master who has ever run out of ideas for objects for your adventuring party to find during a session, Dungeon Discoveries is for you. Each card features four descriptors and four objects. Pick one of each from the card, or draw any number of cards to find the mythical object that strikes your fancy and advances your story.

We launched the Kickstarter to help with the costs of printing and distributing the cards. Our original Kickstarter goal was $2,312 USD. We have greatly exceeded that goal – at the time of this writing we have amassed more than $21,000 in pledges, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your faith and support of our project!

We began the Kickstarter with two base decks – “Fumbled Searches” and “Curious Treasure.” We asked our pledgers to help us come up with the third of our planned decks, and the result is… Wilderland Voyage.

While the first two decks focus on things to find in musty dungeon interiors, the Wilderland Voyage deck shifts focus to overland journeys. The theme revolves around the classic fantasy forest treks, rural farmlands, and inspiring wilderness locales. Everything from scenic landmarks, traces of civilization to magical phenomenon.

The new deck can help you describe a new, unfamiliar terrain or help you equip your new druid character or NPC with a mystical item tied to nature.

If you haven’t had a chance to pledge, this is your final chance – head over to our Kickstarter page now and choose your rewards! If you have – thank you once again, and share this email with anyone you think may delight in the limitless possibilities that await with Dungeon Discoveries!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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