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Epic Game Room Additions, Part II

Time to talk extreme game room makeovers once again!

As we discussed in Part I, a dream game room is one that would tantalize all the senses. We talked about the sights and textures of an epic game room – mood lightning, comfortable in-the-round seating, and the focal point of your room, the gaming table.

This time we’re talking about the rest of your senses – taste, scent and sound.


Cantrip Candles

Cost: $14-32

These are the candles that were specifically designed with the tabletop gamer in mind. The perfumes harbored inside the wax will transport you to the local tavern, the secret pathway through the forest, and deep within the labyrinthian hallways of the dungeon.

Each of the larger jar candles contains a hefty metallic d20 – once retrieved and cleaned (and for goodness sakes, be careful!), you can use the die to make a stunning first roll at your next session.

Buy online here – you can also ask your local gaming shop to carry the candles locally; Cantrip is rapidly growing their network of local “stockists.”

Source: Spirit of the Wilds/Amazon

Spirit of the Wilds handcrafted candles

Cost: $9-17

A smaller, but no less stunning option are these visual and olfactory delights. Handcrafted using palm wax, your candles can come shaped as orbs, spirals, pillars or as a d20, complete with inscribed numerals.

A portion of every purchase from their Amazon Handmade store is donated to charity.


Source: CandyWarehouse

Five-Cylinder Candy Dispenser

Cost: $1400

Rather than talk about specific food or drink (that really is a dungeon we could not escape from!), we’re taking a look at fun ways to serve your snack food and libations.

If you are going all-out with a snack center, you can’t do better than a dispensing system meant for candy shops. Five different kinds of snacks – who said it absolutely had to be candy? – can be put in these dispensers. There’s even a drop tray to catch any missed morsels.

On the more realistic/cost-effective side, you can pick up this handy alternative for just $15. And at that price, you could afford more than five options to offer your players!


Source: UncommonGoods

Robotic Bartending Machine

Cost: $1150

This is a beauty of both design, function, and overall geekiness. Load the top of the Barsys with five liquors. Load the internal compartment with three mixers. Place the special mixing glass on the conveyor, select your drink from the machine’s app, and voila – you have a perfectly blended cocktail in less than 30 seconds.

Purchase here, if you have the gold to spend on the luxury.

If you’d rather not pay the amount of your standard barbarian’s pub crawl for a machine like this, there are still options!

For less than half the cost of the above machine, you can get a frozen drink maker from Margaritaville, stylish and capable of packing a punch. Or, for just $120, get a smart looking minifridge made specifically for holding 12-ounce cans of your favorite soda or beer.

Music Options

Cost: Free!

There are bards all over YouTube that will happily let you use their beautiful music to enhance the drama building around the table. Many will have a Patreon or similar account for you to give generous tips.

We couldn’t begin to list a fair selection here; however, we can include a YouTube sample from an account called EpicMusicWorld. EMW aggregates theatrical, energetic mood music, licensed directly from the composers. They also acquire animations and graphics from talented artists to feature in their videos and streams.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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