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Epic Game Room Additions, Part 1

Source: shuleb/Reddit

What would make for a “legendary” game room? It’s got to be a mixture of elements that makes all five senses come to life. Sound, imagery, touch, scents and yes, even your sense of taste must all come together to make for memorable game nights.

The following are some ideas that could inspire you to do a game-room renovation!

Source: Lovesac

Seating: Lovesac Sactionals

Cost: Varies

You want a seating option that will fit any size adventuring party or wrap around any table and not just be standard folding chairs – the Sactional modular seating solution may be it. You can combine any number of seats, armrests and backs to create a “conversation pit” that fits around your playing table.

Customization continues through the order process – you can order your pieces with the basic insert or add covers of varying color, pattern and even material to make a sofa that matches your game room’s themes and color schemes.

Basic two-seaters start at $2000 USD and go up the more you add. Click here to see the Sactional.

Lighting: Philips Hue Starter Kit

Cost: $150-200 USD

Mood lighting will change the tone of a room instantly – this option lets you control your game room’s lighting color in various ways. A Philips Hue starter kit comes with a hub that wires into your home’s internet and four light bulbs. Start with the kit alone, or add bulbs, flexible light strips or other accessories to fully transform the room. From their app you can control each light’s intensity and color wirelessly. Third party apps can make the colors change over time – perfect for a sunrise/sunset scenario or a battle within the confines of a hallway dimly lit with flickering torches!

Watch here as DM Drew Chrysostom demonstrates his Hue setup for his sessions:

Click here to see what ideas Hue sparks for you.

Table, Seating & Accessories: Wyrmwood

Cost: Varies

This one’s probably a given. If you’re hardcore and you’ve got the cash to spend on bespoke gaming products, Wyrmwood’s the first name you think of.

Every aspect of the table-making process can be customized for your specific needs and those of your party. Beverage holders, organizers, inlays, lifts and more await and will be hand-crafted from their New England facility.

Wyrmwood also creates chairs for gaming tables, and of course, gamer’s accessories like dice towers and DM screens. Wyrmwood also sponsors the TakeThis charity with beautiful hope shields that come in every type of wood they offer.

Check out everything Wyrmwood has to offer.

Short on gold?

Not to worry if you can’t afford any of the above options – we’re talking epic options, not unattainable ones. If you have a dedicated room for gaming and wish a decorative change, it’s nothing a lick of paint can’t change. Any darker-hued tint will help with atmosphere, and most home improvement centers also offer wallpaper or faux-paneling options that will add texture to an area.

If wi-fi enabled lights are just out of your budget, a simple change of lampshades or even colored gels (like the ones used in photography and videography) can do enough to change the view.

And of course, there are many seating and table options that could appease your party’s needs at any home decor or furniture store.

So, there’s the senses of touch and sight covered. Next time, we’ll cover the smells and tastes that can complement a TTRPG session.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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