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Endless Ideas for Roleplaying Game Masters

Coming up with imaginative details on the spot is not easy. Dungeon Discoveries card decks help roleplaying game masters conjure up inspirational world-building details with the flip of a card.

Are your players veering off the beaten path? Searching in places you didn’t plan? In need of a mysterious new quest hook? Dungeon Discoveries decks provide an endless stream of ideas: When you are planning your next game, or on the spot during game night. Never again will you have to say… “You find nothing”…

  • Each deck contains 50 cards, providing over 40.000 possible combinations
  • System neutral card entries for any roleplaying game

Dungeon Discoveries – Dungeon Master Card Decks

Dungeon Discoveries card decks help you conjure up endless world-building details with the flip of a

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dungeon Discoveries decks are system neutral, so you can use them with any fantasy RPG. No dice rolling or rules required. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

How Does it Work?

Draw a card and combine:
Using the Dungeon Discoveries decks is simple. Pull a card and combine an entry from the top half of the card with one from the bottom. They can be used in order, or matched randomly. The results can be mysterious, cryptic and even (un)intentionally funny.

Next level:
Need even more options? Draw two cards and combine one of their entries. Now we’re talking! In a deck of 50 cards, this is already more than 50.000 possible results.

In What Ways Can I Use These Decks?

The options are only bound by your creativity. Some popular uses are:

Search checks: When your players roll poorly on their search check, the Fumbled Searches set gives you interesting details for them to find, instead of just saying “You find nothing”. Now your players will wonder. Did I roll poorly? What could this oddly colored stone mean? What’s with these rat droppings?

NPC items: Or how about they meet an NPC that’s in their debt and gives your players a gift. Pull a Curious Treasure card and have the NPC give them an “Owl shaped ivory flute”. This could lead to a whole new adventure quest.

Interesting treasure: Tired of the same old +2 Sword of Slaying? Draw some cards and come up with super interesting new ideas for items.

Red herrings/quest ideas: Need some red herrings? Details on the spot? These cards will be lifesavers time and again.

I think the Grammar is Weird

The Dungeon Discoveries decks have been edited with the greatest possible care. However, due to the modular and random nature of the card combinations, it can happen that sometimes the grammar feels a bit “off”. We went through many, many revisions to get it perfect, but we realize by design, this product cannot have 100% faultless grammar.

Still found an issue? Let us know!

Can I Combine Different Card Sets?

The Dungeon Discoveries card sets are designed around the same core principle. So, in essence, they can all be used together. They share a common-backside so you can shuffle them without knowing from which set you will draw cards. The front-side shows the set symbol and name, so you can always sort them into their own set again.

Some sets will work better in tandem than others, but we certainly encourage the creative results you can get by mixing sets!

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