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Dungeon Doors now in PreOrder

We have a brand new pack coming out called “Dungeon Doors 1” – and it’s the first ever “token” set we have done. You can pre-order it now in our store. 

Our modular map sets so far have focussed on bringing you detailed tiles, not decorations. We figured that most virtual tabletop users already had a sizeable collection of tokens/decorations, so didn’t feel the need to create more of the same. As time moved on, and we continued to receive praise on how good our modular maps look, we reconsidered this strategy. It’s clear now that you want to have tokens, specifically created for use with our map sets, so the visual style and quality matches perfectly.

Dungeon Doors 1 - LoreSmyth map tokensDungeon Doors 1 is a varied collection of fantasy doors, namely wooden and stone doors, that you can drop onto your modular maps, and they are made to seamlessly work with our modular map sets. The high-quality 2d images are a mix of 3D model renders and good old manual Photoshop magic, bringing you wonderful looking doors with a faux-3d appearance. This is the first time we’ve worked with 3D models in our process.

What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below!


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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