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Dungeon Doors I token set OUT NOW!

We are happy to let you know, our fantasy door token pack Dungeon Doors I is out now. You can grab this 48-piece token set for just $4.99, and detail your dungeon battle maps with realistically detailed door images. 

Dungeon Doors 1-LoreSmyth-Modular MapTokens D&DOur modular dungeon battle map packs have become very popular in the D&D (and other games) community. People love creating their own dungeons, with our detailed images. Forget searching online for free maps, just make your own! Now, you can adorn your maps with sexy looking fantasy doors.

Does your group favor a ‘kick in the door’ style play? Or maybe your ranger listens at the door, trying to pick up the sound of the ogre rummaging through his treasure hoard on the other side. Regardless, you need to have the best looking doors to dress up your dungeon battle maps! Dungeon Doors 1 is an awesome set of fantasy door tokens. A total of 48 of richly detailed wooden and stone doors, ready to drop in your maps. From overgrown stone slabs, mystic symbols and an assortment of wooden doors.

These tokens have been designed to insta-drop into MapSmyth modular map packs, but can be scaled to fit other maps easily.

What are you going to make with our map packs? Let us know in the comments!


Buy Now $4.99

Dungeon Doors 1 - LoreSmyth map tokens

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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