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Dungeon Discovery Sci-Fi Decks Help GMs Improv Anything

Dungeon Discovery Sci-Fi Decks Help GMs Improv Anything

Coming up with roleplaying ideas on the spot isn’t easy. Dungeon Discoveries card decks help you conjure up inspirational world-building details with the flip of a card. Three, all-new scifi decks are now available, bringing you endless futuristic things to find when your players are searching or veering off the beaten path.


Loresmyth’s Scifi Discovery Decks – OUT NOW

Each Dungeon Discovery Deck contains 50 cards that help game masters conjure up awesome item, story, NPC and location ideas on the fly. These results can work for any sci-fi roleplaying game, such as Starfinder or the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Let your imagination run wild, or spark it a little when you are running empty.

Check out all three sets.

What Are Discovery Decks?

Each themed, 50-card set can generate thousands of results, ranging from cryptic or mundane to accidentally funny! It’s simple: draw a card and match up any entry from the top and bottom half. Draw multiple cards to create endless combinations!

These decks are system-neutral, and no dice rolling necessary!

Choose Your Deck!

The new Sci-Fi Discovery Decks are out today, and there’s three to choose from, based on what you need most!

Searches Deck

This set provides you with interesting trinkets, loot, and junk that your players can discover while scrounging around or searching cargo. These can be anything from a discarded blaster to an intriguing tech module to attach to your players’ spaceship!

Check out the Searches Deck!




Locations Deck

This set provides you with quick ideas for interesting locations. Whether you’re winging it during play or you need ideas for a cool scene during game prep, this set helps you create unique settings to run your game.

Check out the Locations Deck!





Story Hooks Deck

This set provides you with narrative ideas that can form quick quests, NPC motivations, or other story elements to weave into your campaign. These can range from a captain that’s being bribed by a new handsome recruit to an alien diplomat on a secret mission!

Check out the Story Hooks Deck!




Get the Most Out of Your Deck

Use your decks…

…before the game: Create hidden clues, mysterious objects, surprising story hooks, red herrings and more.

…during the game: When your players roll investigation checks, talk to NPCs, or you need a cryptic cliffhanger at the end of a session.

With the Sci-Fi Discovery decks, you’re never going to run out of things to mix and match, which means endless ideas!




About the Loresmyth

The Loresmyth publishes unique and wondrous tabletop roleplaying products that supercharge the imagination. Both new and experienced DMs will find endless inspiration in our world-building cookbooks, modular map sets, story prompt decks, and adventure modules.

We don’t copy trends. Instead, we like to dream up innovative products that stand out from the crowd and surprise. Keeping your players engaged every week is not easy. Our vivid (and often system-neutral) products will help you come prepared and deliver memorable roleplaying experiences, for any tabletop RPG.

Elevate your roleplaying sessions: Don’t just roll to hit. Forge myths!

Christopher Mahon

Chris Mahon is a fantasy writer, speaker, and essayist living in Brooklyn, New York. His non-fiction work has appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine, SyFy WIRE, Outer Places, The Portalist, and others. He's also spoken at New York Comic-Con, Columbia University, and the Glasgow International Fantasy Convention. In his free time he runs The Occult Triangle Lab, a blog on trigonometry, fantasy, and ungodly amounts of milk.

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