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Dungeon Discoveries Fantasy Story Prompt Decks Released

Dungeon Discoveries, the joyful roleplaying story prompt decks by Loresmyth funded on Kickstarter earlier this year and are now available in PDF format as well as 50-card decks to take to your gaming table.

Are your players veering off the beaten path? Searching in places you didn’t plan? In need of a mysterious new quest hook? Dungeon Discoveries decks provide an endless stream of ideas: When you are planning your next game, or on the spot during game night. Never again will you have to say… “You find nothing”…

  • Each deck contains 50 cards, providing over 40.000 possible combinations
  • System neutral card entries for any roleplaying game
  • No rules, no dice rolling
  • Each pack comes in a tuck box

Buy Dungeon Discoveries decks now at

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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