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Dungeon Discoveries: The Cursed Mirror

Dungeon Discoveries: The Cursed Mirror

Looking for a wondrous item for your roleplaying game with a minor magical effect? Here’s a mysterious magical item to drop right into your campaign world for your players to discover, complete with a history and quest hook.

Wondrous Item: A Rose-Tinted Pocket Mirror

Once the favorite trinket of a vain noblewoman, this beautifully crafted pocket mirror was lost for several decades after it drove the last known owner mad: Her beautiful face disfigured in a fire. Tales tell of her spirit now inhabiting the mirror, cursing anyone who looks in it.

The Curse

A small, circular case with a silver exterior that folds open to reveal a polished mirror with a faint pink tint. When a creature looks at themselves in the mirror, they are enchanted by their own face, which appears strangely beautiful. If the creature fails the appropriate check (determined by the DM), they become obsessed with the mirror and feel compelled to gaze at their faces whenever they can.

After possessing the item for more than 1d4 days, other creatures look like unspeakable horrors to the creature who possesses the mirror. If the owner of the mirror fails at the appropriate check (determined by the DM), they are frightened for 1d4 minutes.

Quest Hook 

The deranged noblewoman’s descendants offer the party a reward to recover the mirror from their cousin, who has disappeared recently. Upon tracking down the cousin, the players discover that he has gone insane and isolated himself to avoid looking at anyone.

Want to Create Your Own Unique Items?

We hope this wondrous item adds some extra horror and intrigue to your game – feel free to use it as a jumping-off point for new adventures or tweak to fit your own plans!

The idea for the item was generated using our Curious Treasure Dungeon Discoveries Deck. Each deck contains 50 cards, each of which has four items and four potential descriptors, which can be mixed and matched to create over 40,000 unique items!

Creating the histories and quests attached to an item is entirely up to you, but a Dungeon Discoveries deck can be a fantastic prompt to get your creativity flowing! You can check out our full selection of Decks here.

Christopher Mahon

Chris Mahon is a fantasy writer, speaker, and essayist living in Brooklyn, New York. His non-fiction work has appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine, SyFy WIRE, Outer Places, The Portalist, and others. He's also spoken at New York Comic-Con, Columbia University, and the Glasgow International Fantasy Convention. In his free time he runs The Occult Triangle Lab, a blog on trigonometry, fantasy, and ungodly amounts of milk.

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