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Dungeon Discoveries – Contest Winner!

Hello dear LoreSmyths!

Last week we talked in-depth about our new Dungeon Discoveries card decks, and asked you to share it on social media to win a free set! Read on as we announce the lucky winner and news on the last two weeks of pre-orders

Contest Winner

From those who shared our Dungeon Discoveries product on social media, we randomly chose a luck winner. And….. the winner is…. Jessica Salter.
Message us your full address and we will send you a set of Dungeon Discoveries decks as soon as they become available. Have fun!!

With that out of the way we can announce we’ve now entered the last 2 weeks of pre-order on these card decks. After that they will go on sale publicly for the normal retail price.
Find some cool new pictures below of a recent test print from our manufacturer:

Video preview:

Dungeon Discoveries – Decks for GMs

Tired of saying "You find nothing"? No more! 👣🕷Last 2 weeks of pre-order! https://www.loresmyth.com/product-category/dungeon-discoveries/

Geplaatst door LoreSmyth op Woensdag 22 augustus 2018

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Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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