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Dungeon Discoveries Card Previews + Contest!

Hello Loresmyths! A few days ago we announced our brand new product: Dungeon Discoveries decks. The response has been great, we are getting so many fun reactions on social media that people are excited about these card decks. Today we are taking a closer look at what these decks are all about, the card layout, previews and YOUR chance to win a free set! 

Dungeon Discoveries are fun random card decks that help GM's create immersive details on the spot. The system neutral results are fun and easy to use with near limitless replayability. Draw a card and combine any one entry from the top and bottom half of the card. The results can be minute, surprising, cryptic, seemingly meaningful or even humorous. You will never be short of remarkable things to discover!

Before we jump in – you can pre-order the first two Dungeon Discoveries decks now at a discount – Don’t miss this great deal. If you are from the USA and are getting a “we don’t ship to the USA” message, try in a different browser. It seems our storefront is having some weird bug that only occurs in Google Chrome.

The Anatomy of Dungeon Discoveries cards

We are not gonna lie: There are already so many random card decks for GM’s on the market, it begs the question why another one? Well. Most of these decks have very limited replay value. Each card lists an entry and in a 50 card deck, that’s only 50 options. Most are also pretty rules heavy and not very “fun” in our opinion, so we sought out to tackle both of these issues and Dungeon Discoveries was born!

Combining Card Entries

The replay value and fun in our Dungeon Discoveries decks comes from a simple yet powerful mechanic: Each card lists entries at the top and bottom, which you can freely “match” to create randomised results. Now these can be mysterious, cryptic, bizarre and even hilarious (great for when game night runs long haha). You could even draw multiple cards and match entries as you please. Now your possible results have exploded into the tens of thousands options. In a single deck!

Also, our cards are designed with “world building” in mind. You will not find things like a +3 Arcane Sword of Sundering with a bunch of rules in these decks. Rather, the contents are to help the GM bring the world to life, injecting it with immersive details that are hard to otherwise make up on the spot.

Preview Card

Let’s have a look at a preview card and break down its anatomy:

Card Back

Card front: preview















Top & bottom half: The top and bottom half of the card each hold 4 entries. They are designed to look light and dark, and a little “Plus” symbol divides those areas. During product development we tested various formats for this concept before settling on this 4+4 system. We could have fitted more on a card, but that hurt readability, especially in low-light situations at the gaming table. A nice detail is also that we ended up leaving out words like “a” or “an” because it made matching entries wonky, and during playtesting we discovered GM’s sort of added these words automatically anyway. For example they would say: You find a Gnome masterwork miniature hourglass…

Set Icon: The artwork for the deck “theme” is featured in the circle on the left side. The card backs of each Dungeon Discoveries card is identical (eg. like Magic the Gathering) so you could potentially use different decks/themes together, and also being able to sort them again afterwards.

Set name & card number: At the bottom the set name is listed again, together with a card number. This is an extra way of keeping decks sorted.

Win a Free Set!

Would you like a chance to win a free set of Dungeon Discoveries cards? Share this blog post on your social timeline, and we will choose (randomly) a lucky winner!

Let’s create some fun results!

With this card, we can create all sorts of interesting results. And remember, you don’t have to match them in order, you can take any entry and combine it with another, for good or for bad haha!

  • a richly carved silver goblet
  • an owl shaped miniature hourglass
  • a Gnome masterwork bull’s eye lantern
  • a ornately crafted Elven longbow

So, what if we pull another card from the deck, to open up some more combinations?

Another card…

Now we get to make:

  • an owl shaped copper ring
  • an owl shaped wooden barrel (ok this is getting strange hehe)
  • a bent and scratched Elven longbow
  • a smashed and moldy silver goblet

So there we go! Let us know how you liked that. What are your thoughts on this new product? Would you like to use it during your games?

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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