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Creating A Pirate Cove With Loresmyth!

Creating a Pirate Cove with Loresmyth!

When I’m not working for Loresmyth, I’m running 5e D&D games as a professional Game Master! However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, I’ve had to run all my games virtually with Roll20. I’m always looking for cool map tiles to spice up my games, and since one of the current arcs is a sea-themed journey, I decided to use Loresmyth’s Ship Battlemap set!

With the “Ultimate Ship Battle Map Collection,” I was able to create a nifty caravel for my players (named The Silkwind), including the crew quarters and cargo hold. I also took advantage of the islands in the pack (and Village to Pillage – Medium City 2) to create a smuggler’s cove, complete with a pirate drinking hall and a villa for the captain!

If you’re interested in getting the Ship Battlemap Collection, you can find it in the Loresmyth shop here!

Christopher Mahon

Chris Mahon is a fantasy writer, speaker, and essayist living in Brooklyn, New York. His non-fiction work has appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine, SyFy WIRE, Outer Places, The Portalist, and others. He's also spoken at New York Comic-Con, Columbia University, and the Glasgow International Fantasy Convention. In his free time he runs The Occult Triangle Lab, a blog on trigonometry, fantasy, and ungodly amounts of milk.

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