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Cocktails for the Party: 5 ‘Remarkable’ Drinks

As our popular book ‘Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks’ notes, “Taverns offer comforting drinks and food to soothe battle pains and escape the drudgery of a hard day’s work. But a tavern isn’t just about a mug of grog.

If your adventuring party is going on a pub crawl or kipping down after a tough fight, you’ll want to make sure the drink menu suits the scene well. Here’s a selection of drinks pulled from the pages of “Remarkable Inns” – complete with homespun recipes (or create your own!) in case you fancy bringing a realistic touch to the gaming table!

Source: Absolut

Nighttime Breeze (1sp)

A mix of black currants and honey that keeps this dark drink a tavern classic

Line the bottom of a rocks glass with muddled black currants and add crushed ice. Add ½ part black currant liqueur with 1 part white wine, ½ part aguardenteor or caninha and 1 teaspoon honey. Raspberry and/or mint leaves to garnish.

Non-alcoholic option: Replace wine and liqueur with a mixture of concord and white grape juice; omit bitters.

Traveler’s Bliss (3sp)

This hoppy, yet flavorsome drink soothes the sore throat you didn’t know you had, making the world a little brighter.

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add 2 oz. bourbon, 2 dashes each of Angostura and orange bitters. Top with your favorite hard cider. Lemon to garnish. Mix if desired.

Non-alcoholic option: Mix ginger ale and apple cider, garnish with lemon and crystallized ginger.

Source: McCormick

Guava Ale (3sp/cup)

This light brew appears pink when poured and has a sweet, tangy aftertaste. It is brewed with a native root said to impart the icy chill of the northern lands. Refreshing on a hot day in the jungle, this is the drink of choice for locals.

Fill an ale glass 2/3 full with a fruit cider of your choice, and add ¼ cup of guava nectar.

Non-alcoholic option: Replace fruit cider with fizzy lemonade or apple soda.

Jazun Blue (3sp/bottle)

Cool and invigorating, this water tastes fresh and slightly minty. In darkness it reveals an enchanting blue glow.

[This drink has a special effect on the consumer – but you’ll have to get a copy of Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks to learn more!]

Take a 12-20 oz. bottle of your favorite lemon-lime soda, chilled, and remove ¼ cup of the liquid, replacing it with ¼ cup blue curacao. Serve in the bottle or divide into rocks glasses filled with ice.

Non-alcoholic option: replace blue curaçao with blue raspberry soda or juice drink.

Bonus: Wild Mage

This drink isn’t featured in the book, but it’s my favorite go-to cocktail on game night.

Apply Ray of Frost to a tall glass (or, if you lack that ability, chill a tall glass in the freezer for at least 2 hours). Add equal parts lemon-lime or ginger ale soda and rum and at least ½ part blue curacao. Mix well. Garnish with orange slice and/or cherry if desired.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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