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Loresmyth supports charitable organizations

Tabletop roleplaying games are loved by young and old and provide a fantastic opportunity to get together, learn, and express. Research has shown roleplaying games to be effective in gaining improvements in three major learning domains: affective, cognitive, and behavioral. Loresmyth actively supports initiatives and organizations that use tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder to do great things for others in the community.

Each year we set aside a budget to support a number of these organizations. If you like to apply, make sure your organization meets our criteria, then use the contact form to submit your application. Only correct and complete submissions are considered.

Criteria for acceptable (charitable) organizations:

  • The organization must serve at least 15 adults/children in total (all members)
  • The organization must be at least 1 year old or demonstrate sufficient planning for a launch
  • The organization must describe in detail their programming, plans for the material, and professional qualifications
  • The organization must have a goal beyond simply providing a space to play games (child enrichment, storytelling, etc.)
  • The organization must be easily shipped to (US, Europe, etc.)

Available services:

  • Qualified organizations can get our products at special rates.
  • Loresmyth may gift a maximum of $100 USD per year for physical books provided to qualifying organizations, not including shipping
  • Additional products beyond this amount may be purchased at our Retailer rates. (40% to 60% off MSRP)
  • Organizations that do not meet the requirements for donations may still buy our products at Retailer rates. (40% to 60% off MSRP)
  • In specific cases, custom agreements can be made with a qualifying organization
  • There is no limit for PDF copies to qualifying organizations

Submission Form

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