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Brymlight book Covers revealed + Promo Trailer

Hello dear LoreSmythonians!

When I started this little roleplaying publishing company a few years ago, little did I know I would expand into publishing fiction. Now, I am excited to let you know the Kickstarter for Tales from The Brymlight Observer is just around the corner. Make sure to visit the Brymlight website and signup to get notified when it launches. Read on to see all upcoming book titles/cover artworks and the brand new promo trailer video!  

Tales from The Brymlight Observer┬áare dark, alt-history stories, chronicled by the fictional underground tabloid. Blending steampunk, gritty realism, and even flashes of horror and detective-noir, Brymlight takes a new darker spin on the popular steampunk genre, exploring the oily churning cogs of the human psyche.┬áThe Kickstarter will bring you five exciting short stories┬áthat lead up to a yet untitled full-length novel later this year. Author D.W. Beyer’s writing is vivid and imaginative – His raw and realistic take on the steampunk genre is intoxicating and even introduces elements such as horror, detective noire and even vampirism.

Like to know more about each book title? Head over to for all details so far. And without further ado, here’s the brand new promo video for you (share if you like!)

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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