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Brand New Modular Dungeon Sets Coming

As we rapidly draw closer to the end of the year, we have many exciting new product releases on the horizon. Next to our Kickstarter bombshell book Remarkable Inns, fans of our modular dungeon map tile sets will also have plenty to look out for! So what do we have in store for you? Let’s have a look!

When we started our high quality, modular dungeon tile packs mid-2017, they instantly became a hit and we received much praise and questions about future sets. Our range of HD modular battle map packs currently counts 5 sets, but we are excited to announce not one, but three exciting new sets!  These brand new packs are:

  • Arcania
  • Wilderland Caves
  • Nebulus Outpost

We don’t have an exact release date yet for these badboys, but let’s have a closer look at what each of these packs will have to offer:


Ever since we released our first dungeon tile set “Genesis”, we discovered that the classic “dungeon” was among the top favorite locations for dnd roleplaying games. While our Egyptian themed Nekhathon is arguably the best-looking set we’ve produced to date, in terms of sales volume, it never matched our first set. We attribute this to the simple fact that everyone loves those dank old, musty dungeons! This led us to brainstorm about how we could do another set that had all the qualities of a quintessential dungeon, but take it to the next level… We were thinking torches, dark hallways, old cobblestone floors, trapdoors, cobwebs… So… Arcania was born and we are very, very excited about the contents of this new modular map pack! It will include connective pieces to create transitions with our other sets, as well as nice details such as wooden and stone doors and treasure chests…




Wilderland Caves - Modular Dungeon Tiles by MapSmythWilderland Caves

Deep beneath the forest canopy lie long forgotten tunnels and caves … ripe with adventure! With this gorgeous-looking HD modular battle map tiles, you can easily create mysterious cave labyrinths. All tiles are incredibly detailed and can be rotated and flipped to create endless combinations. From narrow jagged rock tunnels to expansive and overgrown caverns, this set brings you the eerie beauty of lush underground worlds. The set contains everything you need to create fantastic locations for your next wilderness adventure, such as bandit encampents, firepits, rickety rope bridges, crystal caves and flooded caverns…

MapSmyth-Nebulus-Outpost-ModularDungeonTilesNebulus “Outpost”

When Paizo’s announced their popular Starfinder game, we instantly felt the urge to create an amazing sci-fi dungeon tileset. Initially slated for release in tandem with Starfinder, we pushed it back to reach a higher level of detail. We did not want to rush things, and looking back at how far this set has come… we don’t regret taking the extra time! In fact, we are so proud of this tileset, we plan to do more science-fiction themed packs. The Nebulus Outpost features a combination of indoor and outdoor tiles, allowing you to create landing platforms, hangars, docking stations or a remote futuristic outpost. This set features incredible detail and is a feast for the eyes, including intricate machinery, studs, bolts, cables and lights casting a cold fluorescent glow. What adventures await in space? Only you know!!!



What is your favorite set of these new upcoming packs? Let us know in the comments below.
Stay tuned for more info on these new releases, including sneak previews to some of the pack tiles!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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