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Loresmyth announces ‘Loresmyth Labs’

  • 5 April 2022

Loresmyth Publishing, the bespoke tabletop roleplaying game publisher from the Netherlands is excited to announce Loresmyth Labs, a new subsidiary brand that focuses on the ‘hobby’ part of roleplaying gaming such as 3D printing, terrain building, and miniature painting. A first Kickstarter is planned for later this year.

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Remarkable Guilds Funded Within 30 Minutes

  • 16 March 2022

Our exciting Remarkable Guilds Kickstarter launched yesterday and funded in less than 30 minutes, setting a new record for us. Within an hour it unlocked the first stretch goals and reached 50.000 euro on its first day of crowdfunding. We can’t thank our fans enough, for being both supportive as well as patient in this post-pandemic era. The Kickstarter campaign runs for 29 more days, during which we will reveal all 10 guild leaders and much more!

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Launching a New Kickstarter When People are Still Waiting?

  • 5 March 2022
Next week on March 15th we are super excited to launch our new Remarkable Guilds campaign, but we realize that many of you are still waiting to get the physical pledges from our past campaign. So why launch a new campaign? Is that even smart? I felt felt this topic need a more in-depth answer to really understand it well, so I made a video dedicated to it. I hope you enjoy this deep-dive into how Loresmyth operates.
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Loresmyth Gleam Prize Raffle

Guilds Coming – Gleam Prize Raffle

  • 16 February 2022

We are Kickstarting our brand-new DM roleplaying guide Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes very soon. The campaign launches on March 15th to be exact and to celebrate this new awesome milestone, Loresmyth is giving away some really nice prizes. Enter below to have a chance at winning!

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Remarkable Guilds Preview: Ennia Iranapha

  • 3 February 2022

Our brand-new book Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes will Kickstart in March (be sure to follow) and we are SO excited for this new gm sourcebook. Today we are revealing the first heroic guild leader: Ennia Iranapha from the Bardic Company of Living Tales. What’s her story? Find out now!

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New Shipping Partner: ShipQuest

  • 22 December 2021

Loresmyth is excited to announce a new partner for our international fulfillment needs. Starting from the new year, ShipQuest will handle all e-commerce and Kickstarter pledge fulfillment for Europe and the UK. And so, a four-year period of DIY shipping comes to a close, and we transition into a new chapter for Loresmyth.

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Remarkable Guilds In Pre-Production

  • 3 December 2021

The 4th book in our best-selling Remarkable series is officially in development. Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes will Kickstarter early next year, and the past months our creative team has been doing the design conferences, content planning and early writing. The pre-production phase is a 5-month period leading up to our Kickstarter campaign launch (click to get notified) during which we try to get as much of the book finished as we can.

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