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Announcing “Nekhaton” modular tile set

We are hyped to announce we are working on a brand new modular dungeon tile set “Nekhaton”!  The Egpytian flavoured set takes you deep below the hot desert sands, and into long lost tombs and ritual chambers. This tile set will go on Pre-Order soon. The level of detail is unprecedented – richly detailed and modular, allowing you to make your own amazing virtual dungeons easily.

With every new set, we want to make it better than our previous sets. The Nekhaton set will stand out because of its Egyptian theme and next level detailing. Rich golden hued sandstone floors, hieroglyph markings, ancient altars, sandblasted hallways and cobweb filled chambers. This virtual dungeon tile set will be completely compatible with all our previous sets, so you can create very cool combinations.

More news and the pre-order date following shortly!

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Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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