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Hail, fellow Loresmyth.

We create roleplaying products that spark the imagination.

Forge Myths

Loresmyth publishes unique and wondrous tabletop roleplaying products that supercharge the imagination. Both new and experienced DMs will find endless inspiration in our world-building cookbooks, modular map sets, story prompt decks, and adventure modules.

We don’t copy trends. Instead, we like to dream up innovative products that stand out from the crowd and surprise. Keeping your players engaged every week is not easy. Our vivid (and often system-neutral) products will help you come prepared and deliver memorable roleplaying experiences, for any tabletop RPG.

Elevate your roleplaying sessions: Don’t just roll to hit. Forge myths!

Our Mission

Founded in 2006 by Chris Van Der Linden from the Netherlands,
We are a small team that takes pride in attention to detail, innovative products, and customer satisfaction. Despite its humble origins, Loresmyth has fast become synonymous with quality and already produced several best-selling products, including Remarkable Inns and The Claws of Madness. Our upcoming Remarkable Shops book raised over $100.000 on Kickstarter last June.


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