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A Bloody Ritual

We’ve been telling you about our new Dungeon Discoveries decks – sets of cards that can provide you with thousands of items to spice up your game session. Let’s show you two ways just one of those items could affect your game.A Bloody Ritual

What you’ve been looking for is a cool trap room for your adventurers to stumble onto – but you’re tired of the standard poison gas traps and items that turn out to be mimics.

You turn to your Dungeon Discoveries decks and happen upon this combination: blood smeared + circle on the floor… and your wheels start turning.

Later that week, at the game, the party is venturing through an old wizard’s hidden lair, inching closer and closer to the trapdoor. Your druid does the honors, and you grin as soon as he says “I open the door and go down the stairs.”

“Make a dexterity saving throw,” you say with a smirk. He does and rolls a low number.

“You take quite the tumble,” you say, “due to the fact there are no stairs here – just a sharp drop to the floor. You tuck and roll, and when you roll to a stop, you notice your face is wet. You get to your feet and notice that you are standing in the middle of an arcane circle, drawn entirely in blood.

“The wizard emerges, smirking wickedly at you. He is missing his right hand. “I was waiting for just the right specimen to begin this ritual… but you’ll do just fine. Roll for initiative!”


The wizard and her familiar, a cute yet sometimes-ferocious bear, are investigating the old tarot woman’s home for something that will tell them where their next clue will be found.

[The wizard makes an investigation check and fails; you draw this card.]

The bear goes downstairs to the basement… and a few moments later you hear a terrific crash!

The wizard rushed downstairs to find the bear has accidentally broken a shelf full of chicken blood the woman has stockpiled for her public voodoo performances.

The bear thinks it is paint, and is cheerfully smearing circles of blood on the floor. He makes a growl of approval, then looks up at the wizard, expecting to be praised for its work.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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