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5 Reasons Why You’ll Love our Wild Growth Expansion

The latest upcoming expansion pack for our MapSmyth modular dungeon map tile sets is called “Wild Growth” (pre-order here). Hitting our web-store soon, its high time you discover the top 5 reasons you will love this set. (And if not, you can tell us in the comments below!)

We know how frustrating it can be searching for quality free maps. They are certainly out there, but how would you rather spend your precious game prep time? Creating your own stunning dungeon battle maps  in minutes, or scouring Google in hopes to find decent free maps? We certainly prefer having more time to play D&D (or Pathfinder he) and that’s why we created our MapSmyth tile packs. Now you are the designer – Open Roll20 and make exactly what you want.

So what’s the buzz about our latest expansion pack? Find out!

1. ‘Wild Growth’ Is Our Best Looking Set (so far)

Our dungeon map sets are really good looking (so we’ve been told) and the Wild Growth expansion pack is no exception. In fact we think we’ve outdone ourselves on this one. The level of detail is staggering, resulting in a vibrant colour palette, tons of lush detail and diversity. Judge for yourself, but we can’t stop looking at this one!

MapSmyth - Wild Growth Expansion - Preview 2

2. Gloriously Overgrown Dungeon Tiles

This set will contain 45 modular tiles, brimming with overgrown deliciousness. In our core sets such as Mystica and Genesis Foundations, things are old, but still fairly unscathed. With the Wild Growth expansion this changes, and everything is plunged into natural chaos. Floors are overgrown with moss and fungus, stonework is overturned and crumbled. Pillars toppled and broken. Nature has reclaimed what rightfully belongs to her and the result is hauntingly beautiful!

3. A Touch Of Magic – or Supernatural?

The Wild Growth expansion pack is unique and takes our creative design a step further, introducing a touch of magic (or the supernatural?) into the mix. Eerie blue and purple glows fill rooms, magical plants sprout from the walls, gibbering mouths tear up floors – ready to eat up entire parties (nom nom nom) if not careful. As a first ever, this expansion set will include Tokens/Decoration images of exactly these details so you can overlay on your base tiles. This gives you total control to be the map maker!

MapSmyth - Wild Growth Expansion - Preview 2

4. It’s Seamlessly Compatible With All Other Sets

When we set out to develop the MapSmyth battle map packs, we wanted everything to be interchangeable. Our biggest gripe with free (and even paid) maps is that they are usually not compatible. This leaves you with a giant collection, but no way to maximise their potential by combining them. All of our sets and expansions so far are compatible, giving you virtually endless options to combine and create. There’s a lot of joy in mixing Wild Growth tiles with other sets, putting a story and excitement in your dungeon maps.

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  • Every week we have a fun prize for the best map designs!

5. You Can Pre-order It Now For Only $2

The Wild Growth expansion is available for pre-order now at only $2 (which is a STEAL) It will be released on 12-8 so don’t miss out on this great deal!
What do you think about this new expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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