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Review of Remarkable Inns

The excellent Mister Tarrasque has reviewed our upcoming "Remarkable Inns" book and the jury is out: He loves it! While you are on his channel, don't forget to sub, he makes very sweet reviews! Jump over to his entertaining Youtube…

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It’s coming! Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

When we came up with the idea to do a book about taverns with an incredibly cheesy title  – little did we know that it would become a massive Kickstarter hit! Now, one year later our modestly hyped “Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks” is almost due for release. Read on for all the details!

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LoreSmyth’s 2017 A Year In Review

Wow! It’s insane and kinda terrifying how quickly a year goes by. But, we’ve released some amazing products, had a blowout Kickstarter success and new products on the horizon. Here is our “2017 A Year In Review” post. Break out the champagne and enjoy!

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